Free Agent’s/Fill in player new player added (10/31/2018)

Please send me info or post in here(especially goalies):

Published on August 2, 2009 at 4:49 pm  Comments (100)  

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  1. fill in Goalie – Chris Baba – email or 671-1602 (c)

  2. you can email me here too –

  3. GOALIE looking for a team or to fill in! Please call 740-5677

  4. Goalie looking to join team or fill in if needed.

  5. FORWARD looking for a team to join or fill in. 441-0046 or

  6. Forward looking for some ice time, fill in or on a team. Thanks. 207-591-5193

  7. foward looking for any playing time in gorham.

  8. *FORWARD looking for a team to join or fill in.

  9. Looking to join a team – can play forward or D.

  10. Forward looking to play some puck. Looking to join a team but can also fill in if needed.


  11. Looking to skate for the summer, home from MA. Outrage? Jeremy Smith? Who’s out there!?

  12. Two players looking to join a team here. Reliable guys looking to be on a team full time.

    I can play goalie when needed as i’ve played it my whole life. I’m not looking to play goalie full time though. I’d like to play forward and just fill in for goalie if the other goalie doesn’t show. Also have another forward looking to join a team.


  13. Goalie looking for a gig. I’d like to join a team but will fill in as well. Give me a call!! 712-6981

  14. Goalie looking for a team or fill in once and a while. Give me a call 879-0626

  15. Looking to join a team forward or defense 617-653-7794 –

  16. Looking forward to playing.
    Forward or Defense.

  17. Goalie looking for a team or fill in give me a call
    at 242 7620

  18. Goalie looking for a team or fill in… 207-766-1004 give me a call.

  19. Goalie looking to play for a team or fill in.

  20. Looking to play some puck. Im a goalie but could play out and fill in in goal when needed. Email or call!

  21. Forward or defense looking to play for a team or fill in. Please email me at or call 718 986 8470.

  22. Goalie looking to join a team or just fill in if needed. Summer and/or winter leagues

  23. Defenseman looking to join a team. Email me at or call 207 650 8800


  25. Forward looking to get on a team. e-mail: Cell: 207-939-3839

  26. Trying to get on the ice this summer, fill in or a team. Defenseman or Forward. Email me at Cell 207-899-6583
    I am looking for a team this fall.

  27. Forward looking to fill in or join a team.

    Cell: 207-608-1561

  28. My name is Wayne Neiman.I am a student at Southern Maine and have been playing hockey for many years. The last team i played for was the Maine Moose last year. I was seeing if any team needed more players or if there was anyway i could join a team to continue to play hockey this year. I hope to hear back soon.

    Cell: 207-975-9773

  29. Goalie looking for a winter team. Came in third in the B bracket this summer. Played for Monster. Arent throwing a team together for winter so Im available. 207-318-1052

  30. Goalie looking for a winter team. All State NH High School tender. email or text. or 603.727.8092

  31. Hi guys, I just moved to Portland from Boston (born in Toronto) and am looking to join a team for the fall/winter season. I can play all positions but prefer to play D (works well since I’m 6f 6i). As far as my skill level – I’ve been playing all my life, just not competitively. While in Boston I’ve been playing C level organized hockey and pick up with a mix of talent level that includes ex-college guys.

    Email –
    Cell – 617-947-1471

  32. Looking to join, any position but goalie.

  33. Hey guys, I just moved to Portland from NH and looking for a league to play in. I have played hockey since I was five played juniors and college hockey. I will play any position buy goalie.

    cell 538-1802

  34. Looking to sub… possible regular fill in when Im not playing on my Portland teams. Forward or D.

  35. Hey guys just moved down from orono been playing hockey all my life looking to join a league. I play D but can also play forward if needed. 207-951-2012 let me know if I can join.

  36. Looking for a team. I have played hockey all my life and am willing to play D or Forward. 24 years old. Reach me at or 207-314-3752

  37. Goalie that was a starter for a Class A team all high school career. Looking to Fill in and/or join team avail most days call 207-409-6230 ask for Stan


  39. Forward looking for a team to play for. Played 4 years of high school in Massachusetts, played prep school, and played college. Currently 23 years old, just moved to Portland area. Cell- 774-263-7359 Thanks

  40. Chris Lothridge
    Looking to join a team please contact 207-446-1049. Please let me know.

  41. I’m a goalie available for SUNDAY NIGHT games only. Call 207-522-9214 if you’re looking for a sub!

  42. Forward looking for some extra ice time can be a fill in or a roster spot currently playing for Winship in Portland have no problem making games at anytime live 10 minutes from the rink if you need a skater give me a call at 482 9632 or email at

  43. If Carters Auto need an extra forward or defense man please give me a call at 207-215-5440, name is Adam.

  44. Can play solid offense or defense.

  45. Cory Macgowan (offense/defense) 207-233-4592

  46. Sean Walsh free agent forward. Lets play some hockey.

  47. Alex madruga 
    Cell: 2072290016
    Position: goalie (preferred). wing

    • Madruga!!

  48. 26 yr old, defense. Been playing my whole life. 207-951-2012

  49. Forward/defense just lookin to skate this summer or call 2077129685

  50. Sean. 29yrs, experienced at D but will play up if necessary. Dependable.


  51. Forward looking to join team in Gorham. 207-749-8587

  52. Tim, how do I email you… looking for ateam this winter (or teams) Bart

  53. Goalie, available any night of the week, 25yrs old with experience.

  54. Dane experienced.. 21 years.. goalie or I can play forward or d. looking for any ice time or fill in.. 207-310-3608

  55. Nick, 24yo. I play forward, but will play d if needed. Experienced.

  56. Nick, 24yo. I play forward, but will play d if needed. Experienced. Will play fill in or add to team. 207-723-3819 or

  57. Looking for some ice time. Play forward or defense 207-740-8578

  58. Playing/running on a team right now as a fwd, but if anyone needs a “fill” in at G I would love the opportunity to put on the pads. Prolly middle of the road goalie, but usually available.


  59. Fill in goalie also looking to play full-time on a team ideally. Played DIII.

  60. My name is Kyle Merchant, 4 year varsity in high school playing in college, looking for A league team and I am a defenseman. I am 19, looking for summer team


  61. Collin Pope – 24 y/o Goalie. Looking for any ice time. Recently relocated to S. Portland. Willing to drive. Experienced.

    Cell: (207)975-5707

    If calling before the end of the week, give me at least half a day so I can grab my gear.

  62. I.m A Forward LookIng FoR A Team to Play On This Winter. I Have Played In Portland With TThe Mad Dogs And LookIng FoR A New Team In Gorham.

  63. If any one is looking for a team to play on this winter let me know u could use a dman and some other forwards.

    • Interested in playing this winter. Been a couple years since i’ve played mens league but want to get back into it. Have played d and forward in portland mens b and c league.

  64. Hey Y’all Lerch is looking for a team this winter. If you need a goalie who is 7′ tall and always brings beer ( not natty ) Let me know / two-3-niner – 814oh

  65. I wanna play either b or c only been playing a year 391-9789

  66. HEy im looking to play for a team in the B or C league I play goalie but I can play out if needed. I played in high school.

  67. Any teams looking for a forward? Just moved to Maine, have been playing in MA/NH past 3 years. 34 yrs old, played in college. or 207-671-8778. Thanks!

  68. I am looking for a goalie for the winter season. Play in the C division. If anyone is interested you can either email me at or text me at 207-671-5548.

  69. Goalie looking for a team. Played in college and Div 1/2 men’s league for the past 5 years. Dependable and available full time or to sub, prefer full time. Email at or call or text: 914-805-7657.

  70. Looking to join a team this fall for winter league. I have been playing in the league but team is no longer together. Looking for b or c. Play defense or offense. strong skater. Call or text 2073182702. Or email

  71. Goalie, looking to play.

    • Jason, Facebook me your contact info or you can e-mail it too me: and I will pass the info along to the captain that just lost their starting goalie….

  72. Goalie, email me if you need a fill in or full time.

  73. I play for off constantly and would like to fill in for any team that has a short bench. I live close to the rink so I can be there quickly.

    756 4436

  74. goalie available, 9784764527 or

  75. Winger available. 2074153756

  76. Fill-in player available 617-733-9622. Defense or forward (not center). Feel free to contact on short notice

    Pat D

  77. 43 yr old goalie coming back out to the ice looking to get on a team as a back up and play again. Contact Joe @ 7572324645 or email Live in Gorham.

  78. looking to join a winter team, looks as though OFF CONSTANTLY will NOT be back this winter. Usually play D, but will play where needed.
    (207) 577-6975

  79. Forward or d man looking for a team, strong skater and live close to the rink. 2079391849

  80. Student and now ex player for the USM team. Just suffered a career ending concussion and can no longer play competitively but would love to keep it going in men’s league.

    Looking for a team around he Portland area


  81. Student and now ex player for USM due to a career ending concussion. Looking to play men’s league however.

    Player (D), looking for a team in the greater Portland area.


  82. USM hockey player – forced to quit due to injuries. Looking to play as much as possible. Any skater position.
    802 324 8558

  83. Goalie fill in. Play at a high level. Coached DI and DIII, QMJHL. Will play A or B division

  84. Forward looking to join a team text 207-939-1849

  85. Text me 207-286-4863

    • I’m a decent forward/defensemen

  86. Lawrence Whittemore, would love to sign up for the winter season probably D league (very new hockey player)

  87. Will Winslow – Defenseman who played into D2 college. Forced to retire from competitive hockey due to knee injury. Looking to fill in or join a Mens league team. Winter 17/18. Text or call @ 207-415-8815

  88. Experienced player looking for a regular skate can play centre or D. Shoot me a text on 207-787-1805 or email me cheers Craig

  89. Looking to fill in for anyone and everyone and/or a consistent sport for someone that needs another body. Can play at any level or just have fun. Forward or defense. Sean Walsh – 207-838-4918

  90. Looking for a team or fill in position at any level. Can play either F or D

  91. Looking to join a team for the upcoming winter league. Played previously in this league with the outrage. I believe it was a lower level league. I play offense/defense. Thanks in advance.

  92. Any team looking for another body? F or D. Just looking to play.

  93. Just looking to play for anyone who needs players or sub in. I can play Forward or Defense. Text this number 207-233-5083 or email me

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