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Hello, and welcome to the new site of the USM  Men’s Ice Hockey League!!!

If anyone is interested in putting a team in or joining an existing team please contact me ( Tim O’Carroll) @ 207-228-3420 or timmy93@hotmail.com 

Upcoming Games

Thursday July 18

Sebago  Brew     6      ATS      1

Tropix     6      Shipyard   Brew     1

Sunday July 21

@ 7:20 Gneiss Brewing vs Mud Bears

@ 8:30 ATS vs East Shore Tax

@ 9:40 Wharf Rats vs HVAC

@ 10:50 Shipyard Brew vs Barrett Made

Tuesday July 23

@ 8:30 Lone Pine Brew vs Gneiss Brewing

@ 9:40 Tropix vs Dirigo Brew

Wednesday July 24

@ 9:30 Sebago Brew vs Green Street

@ 10:40 Get Plowed vs Mud Bears

Thursday July 25

@ 9:40 Shipyard Brew vs Dirigo Brew

@ 10:50 HVAC vs East Shore Tax

Sunday July 28

@ 7:20 Lone Pine Brew vs Mud Bears

@ 8:30 Gneiss vs Wharf Rats

@ 9:40 Get Plowed vs ATS

@ 10:50 Tropix vs Green Street

Tuesday July 30

@ 9:40 Sebago Brew vs Barrett Made

@ 10:50 Lone Pine vs Wharf Rats

Wednesday July 31

@ 9:30 Barrett Made vs Get Plowed

@ 10:40 Mud Bears vs HVAC

Thursday Aug 1

@ 8:30 Shipyard Brew vs Sebago Brew

@ 9:40 Tropix vs Dirigo Brew

Sunday Aug 4

@ 5:00 Green Street vs Shipyard Brew

@ 6:10 ATS vs Dirigo Brew

@ 7:20 Gneiss Brewing vs East Shore Tax

@ 8:30 Mud Bears vs Wharf Rats

@ 9:40  Lone Pine vs HVAC

Tuesday Aug 6

@ 8:20 Tropix vs Sebago Brew

@ 9:30 Green Street vs ATS

Wednesday Aug 7

@ 7:20 East Shore vs Barrett Made

@ 8:30 Gneiss vs Get Plowed

@ 9:40 Sebago Brew vs Dirigo Brew

Thursday Aug 8

@ 7:20 East Shore Tax vs Get Plowed

@ 8:30 Barrett Made vs Shipyard Brew

@ 9:40 Trpoix vs Green Street

Sunday Aug 11

@ 5:00  HVAC vs Gneiss

@ 6:10 Wharf Rats vs Mud Bears

@ 7:20 ATS vs Lone Pine Brew

@ 8:30 PLAYOFFS!!!!


I’m proud to announce a new partnership between USM Men’s League Hockey and Beauty Unis. Beauty Unis is locally owned and operated by league member, Casey Sprogis, who specializes in the design and supply of hockey uniforms. He brings a unique set of design skills that fully customizes your look on the ice. He works with teams to identify what kind of look they want, create a customized concept design, and delivery high quality products that will last much longer than typical screen printing.

This partnership allows teams of the USM Men’s League a 15% discount on all orders through 2019. His website is currently under construction but you can view his designs and concepts at http://www.facebook.com/beautyunis or Beauty Unis (@beautyunis) • Instagram photos and videos

If you would like to explore new team uniforms for the upcoming seasons please reach out to me and I will give you Casey’s contact info:

Follow all the live action with in game updates  on Facebook (link on the side) …Keep up with stats!!!


Z10 IMG_0066

Rules Update: I’m going to be stopping the clock in the last 10 seconds of the first 2 periods for an offensive zone face-off..

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